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I was being commanded, not asked. A perverse thrill shot through me, and I shivered. Cartman has a "brilliant" idea, reasoning she meant it could be possible that eating food through the rectum can cause defecation through the mouth.

While the counselor is questioning the boys, all the parents decide to become atheists , as the sexual molestation scandals have destroyed their faith in Catholicism and God.

Cartman ultimately does defecate out of his mouth, winning the bet and continually boasts the fact to Kyle, who becomes increasingly angered by it. News of this spreads, and it is concluded nationwide that this method of eating is much healthier than the traditional method with the surgeon general basing that on "absolutely nothing".

The adults of South Park immediately adopt the new method of eating, calling it interorectogestion and even start passing trash cans around at social situations to openly collect the waste literally "spewing crap from their mouths" , completely disregarding the previously long-held custom that defecation should occur in private. Meanwhile, Maxi has gathered a meeting of Catholic priests in Colorado to discuss the problem of child molestation. Maxi is appalled by such behavior and wants it to cease entirely, but to Maxi's horror, all of the other priests there have molested their altar boys.

Maxi decides he has to go to the Vatican.

Once there, he quickly finds the same: priests from all over the world and from other worlds, specifically an alien race known as the Gelgameks are molesting children and claim they need to continue the practice to receive gratification. They claim the "Holy Document of Vatican Law" does not prohibit the behavior, so Maxi wants to change the canon law to outlaw sodomy, as well as to allow sex with women.

The Cardinal tells him that the Document cannot be changed as no one knows where it is. Maxi decides to try to find it. Meanwhile, Kyle has lost his patience with Cartman's incessant boasting and tells Cartman that he accepts the fact that he beat him fairly.

This angers Cartman, as he wanted to hold the victorious bet over Kyle's head indefinitely. Maxi searches through the lower levels of the Vatican, and goes through a gauntlet in the style of Pitfall!He says by clouding the moral lessons of the Bible with needless ceremony and so many literal translations, the Vatican has caused people to reject religion and argues that "when they have no mythology to live their lives by, they just start spewing a bunch of crap out of their mouths".

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That being said, it's not a complete throw away. My stomach fluttered with nervous butterflies. Andy rated it really liked it Aug 07, Chris rated it it was amazing May 19,

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